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Whether you're a beginner or a star hockey player in the NHL, your game depends on what's happening below the boot. PROSHARP BAUER is your place for all things steel skate blades, sharpening, and profiling.


The correct steel can elevate all aspects of your skating motions - the new FLY-TI and FLY-X steel runners are prime examples. From edge retention to enhanced blade security to overall durability, every steel fiber was engineered purposefully.

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Which skate profile is best for me?

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what is skate profiling?

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Skate Sharpening & Profiling Combined

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Profiling is the shaping of the steel skate blade from heel to toe, customizing the blade shape to each player’s body position, skating ability, and stride.

By doing this, players can maximize the their blade’s contact to the ice, and the 4 key aspects of skating:

Acceleration, transition, speed, and stability

Profiles from the pros

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